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Microsoft OneNote 2013

Minimum quantity for a new
order is five licenses.
The price shown is per license. This is an
electronic license only product, and you’ll receive an email with your license
information 1-3 business days after your order is placed.


OneNote is a digital notebook for creating and
storing all your notes. Your notes are automatically saved and searchable so you
have them when you need them. And when you’re on the go, they travel with you on
your favorite devices or nearly any browser.



    • Your notes move seamlessly with you to
      OneNote apps on your favorite devices, such as Windows Phone, Windows 7 or
      8, iOS, and Android. Or you can open the notes in your browser via Office
      Web Apps.


    • Make OneNote 2013 your spot for notes, links,
      webpages, sketches, and media�all the ideas and info you want to keep on


    • Your OneNote 2013 content is automatically
      searchable. You can even find the words you’re looking for in pictures. No
      need to remember where you put it all, as OneNote keeps track for you.


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