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Microsoft Outlook 2013 English Local Government License

  • License & software assurance
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  • GOV
  • MOLP: Government
  • Win
  • English

Microsoft Outlook manages e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, to-do lists, documents or files on the hard drive. It helps users communicate through e-mail, providing phone support and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps users share information by means of public folders, forms and Internet connectivity.

Outlook juggles scheduling, groupware, personal information (such as contacts and tasks), e-mail and documents – all in one place. It also allows users to create and view information using a consistent interface. Users can find information easily with Windows 32-bit shortcuts, which let them navigate to any private, public or file system folders. Outlook Journal helps users find a document based on when it was created and by name. Outlook lets users arrange information any way they want to see it. Users can apply any of Outlook’s standard five views to information, or they can customize a view using the Field Chooser and Group By Box features.


Microsoft’s Software Assurance gives you automatic access to new technology and provides productivity benefits, support, tools, and training to help deploy and use software efficiently.

With Software Assurance, you receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of your agreement to deploy at your own pace. New Version Rights simplifies the procurement process and shortens the business process cycle, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with acquiring new version releases and immediately take advantage of the latest technology.

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