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Microsoft Project Server 2013 License

  • Open Business Software License

Open Business allows customers to save on estimated retail prices by placing an initial order for five or more licenses. With Open Business, customers can combine any set of Microsoft products to qualify for the five license minimum.

Software Assurance (SA) is a simpler way of obtaining the latest and most innovative Microsoft products, replacing the complexity of one-time upgrades (VUP – Version Upgrade; PUP – Product Upgrade; CUP – Competitive Upgrade; LUP – Language Upgrade) and Upgrade Advantage (UA). With Software Assurance, you receive the right to run the current version of the product as well as any new versions released during the term of your coverage.

Microsoft Project Server is the server product in the Microsoft Project family (replaces Microsoft Project Central Server). Used in conjunction with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server provides a central repository to publish project and resource information, thereby enabling organizations to store data consistently, so reporting is up to date and meaningful. Microsoft Project Server offers enterprise scale, security and performance capabilities to address organizations’ evolving project and resource management demands.

Microsoft Project Server enables project teams to collaborate, access and update project information through its Web portal, called Microsoft Project Web Access. Using the services of Microsoft Project Server through Microsoft Project Web Access requires a Microsoft Project Server Client Access (CAL).

A member of the .NET Enterprise Server family, Microsoft Project Server serves as the foundation for workgroup collaboration and enterprise project management. Microsoft Project Server provides organizations with a scalable extensible technology platform that they can use to securely develop and integrate their project management practices with their current and future business systems.

Manage projects and resources centrally. Publish project plans from Microsoft Project to a central Microsoft Project Server, so projects and resources can be managed centrally and consistently. With this information, organizations can make informed decisions to keep projects and resources aligned with overall business initiatives.

Use the right tools for effective collaboration. Microsoft Project Server enables team members and stakeholders to access, update, and analyze project information through its Web portal, Microsoft Project Web Access. Using the services of Microsoft Project Server requires a Microsoft Project Server Client Access License. With the integration of SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft with Microsoft Project Server, your team can store and share documents and track issues centrally.

Extend Microsoft Project Server across the organization. Microsoft Project Server provides an extensible technology platform. Using industry standards such as XML and SOAP, Microsoft Project Server integrates and exchanges data with other business applications and databases.

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