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Small Business Server 2008 Premium CALs

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For the 2008 lineup, you now need different types of CALs depending on whether you run SBS Standard or Premium. This is a change compared to the SBS 2003 lineup. Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 does more with less in today’s business environment. Information technology (IT) professionals can help small businesses do more by deploying Windows Small Business Server 2008 to provide security-enhanced, reliable IT infrastructure. Windows SBS 2008 provides a complete business server solution with messaging and collaboration, security-enhanced Internet access, protected data storage, reliable printing, the ability to run line-of-business applications, and faxing. And its end-to-end administration features help technology providers set up, run, and maintain their networks productively and efficiently.



  • In Per User or Per Device mode, a separate CAL is required for each user or device that accesses or uses the Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 software on any server. You may reassign a Windows CAL from one device to another device, or from one user to another user, provided the reassignment is made either (a) permanently away from the one device or user or (b) temporarily to accommodate the use of the Windows CAL either by a loaner device, while a permanent device is out of service, or by a temporary worker, while a regular employee is absent.
  • By having two types of Windows CALs, you are able to use the model that makes sense for your organization. For example, purchasing a Windows User CAL might make more sense if your company has a need for employees to have roaming access using multiple devices. Windows Device CALs may make more sense if your company has multiple-shift workers who share devices.

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