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As a low-cost mainstream database, SQL Server 2005 delivers unprecedented value and functionality compared with competitive solutions. It offers a range of features, from high availability and robust scalability to advanced business intelligence tools, designed to empower users across an organization through a more secure, reliable, and productive data management platform. Additionally, with the reduced application downtime, robust scalability and performance, and tight security controls, SQL Server 2005 represents a dramatic step forward in supporting the most demanding enterprise systems in the world. Because SQL Server is part of Windows Server System, customers also receive the added benefits of reduced total cost of ownership and faster development time through the increased manageability and integration that result from the common engineering strategy implemented across Windows Server System products.

The Enterprise Edition includes a full feature set for enterprise database needs. It provides support for an unlimited number of multicore processor, with memory limited only by the maximum supported by operating system. Only the Enterprise Edition delivers support for large-scale databases and parallel processing of indexing operations. High availability tools include online indexing and online restore, as well as database availability when undo operations begin.

The Enterprise Edition automatically suggests enhancements to your database architecture to improve performance. All SQL server security and programmability tools are included. Enterprise-only integration and interoperability tools include data mining, text mining, and data cleansing, plus transactional replication with an Oracle database as a publisher.

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