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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

In Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012, you’ll
find the agile processes, sophisticated management tools, and robust testing
infrastructure that are essential for creating fast results and delighted
customers.Develop applications for Windows, the cloud, phones, Microsoft Office, and
Microsoft SharePoint with the same development environment. Plus, you can
automatically adapt web applications to target mobile devices with enhanced ASP.NET support for mobile browsers. Develop interactive web applications more
easily and efficiently with new tools for JavaScript and jQuery. You can
identify problems faster and make changes on-the-fly while interacting with your
application with the new Page Inspector capability. You can also build
data-driven web applications with new ASP.NET model binding, client-side
validation, and HTML5 forms. The updated Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio
includes new, design centric tools for XAML and HTML5 applications. In addition,
you can experience the application while you build it with the new interactive
mode, significantly reducing the time it takes to create highly interactive
applications. Use flexible planning tools such as Capacity Planning, Task
Boards, and Backlog Management to adopt agile practices at your own pace. You
can also use the same tools to progressively improve your current methodology
and accelerate velocity in your organization. Centralize the Application
Lifecycle Management across different teams in your organization with the
integration provided by Team Explorer Everywhere with Java development tools or
the extended ALM support for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Visual C++.

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