Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server User CAL Open Government License | EJF-01346


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Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server English Local Government User CAL License

The education that children receive in school can greatly impact whether or not they will succeed in life. And in today’s increasingly digital and connected world, knowing how to work with a computer is no longer a nice skill to have, but a requirement in almost any job. But between hardware and software costs, little to no IT budgets, and high energy prices, giving each student a computer to use is not always possible for schools.

Now there’s a way to get the power of computing into schools more quickly and affordably than ever. Windows MultiPoint Server is a Windows-based solution that uses a single host computer to power multiple simultaneous and independent user stations. It has a low total cost of ownership, is easy to set up and use, and gives educators the tools and technology they need to prepare their students for success.

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