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Client Access Licensing


Microsoft offers flexible, cost-effective options for licensing the Windows
Server 2003 family of products. Similar to previous Windows Server licensing
models, one server license is required for each copy of the server software
installed. In addition, a Windows Server 2003 Client Access License (CAL) is
required for each user or device (or combination of both) that accesses or uses
the server software.


Client Access Licensing Requirements


Client access licensing requirements have been updated for Windows Server
2003. In previous Windows Server licensing models, Windows CALs were
automatically triggered when particular server services were invoked. With
Windows Server 2003, CALs are no longer triggered but are instead based on
access and use. In other words, Windows CALs are required when accessing or
using the server software. This holds true for all editions of Windows Server
2003, except Web Edition. Windows CALs are not required for Web Edition.


Note the following general exception to Windows CAL requirements: Windows
CALs are not required when access to the server software is unauthenticated and
conducted through the Internet. Authenticated access is defined as an exchange
of user or application credentials between the server software and a user or
device. An example of this exception would be if unidentified users browsed your
public Web site. Windows CALs would not be required for those users.

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