“Our philosophy is simple. Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For us, that’s software.”

Our 10 Core Values & Beliefs

Royal is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it – for us that’s discount software.

It’s All About the Experience

Committed to Bringing Your Business the Latest Technology & Moving You into the Future. Let us Make Something Complicated, Simple.

Reach Your Maximum Potential

Run Efficiently, Stay Ahead of the Curve & the Competition – Obtain High-End Solutions at SMB Pricing.  Embrace change and move with it.

Each Business is Unique

We’d like to learn more about your business needs, so that we can partner better together. One of the key things we pride ourselves on is our ability to respond to, and engage with, our valued customers.  Let us create a tailored strategy that fits your company.

Random Acts of Kindness

Let Us Help When You Least Expect It. Kindness Promotes Trust. Trust Builds Relationships and Promotes Honest Communication.

Have Fun

Interact with Enjoyable & Enthusiastic Partners Who Want to Celebrate Your Wins.

We Are Family

We Started as a Family Owned Business – And We Stayed That Way – Become a Part of the Family.

Promote Honesty and Humility

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Let’s make a difference together.

Make a Difference

Have an Opinion and Point of View – Stand Up and Make the Difference. Provide value every single day.

Always Growing

There Is Tremendous Opportunity for All of Us.

Go the Extra Mile

Join the Movement – Change the World Every Single Day.

No hardware. No Gimmicks – Just software. And a whole lot more.

Book an appointment to see what the Royal experience is all about.

Create. Give. Inspire.

Our Mission – Impact the World

  • We believe in connecting the world through a greater purpose. How can we become remarkable? 
  • Our mission is to technologically empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. We need to ensure that opportunity reaches every country.
  • We believe in giving back to the world; that giving, and awareness will manifest itself. 
  • Buy knowing your purchase benefits the orphaned, minorities, the enslaved – providing basic human rights and resources to those who need it most.
  • We really think our greatest call is to create these opportunities and to create our own future. Let’s achieve more together.
  • This cause is exponentially greater than just donating or giving someone money.  We are building a cloud for good.
  • Our end goal is to provide tools to small businesses across the world, empowering them to develop and grow, and to create their own sustainability and future.

Why Buy from Us

Free Shipping and Electronic Delivery – Go Green

We Donate 10% of all profits.  Hey its cool to give back and make a difference.

Customer service and Experience-the best-we are the nicest and most knowledgeable

Licensing is complicated and we are here to make it simple.

Free, Modern, Relevant, and in-depth strategies you can add to your business for the most impact.

Royal Proudly Serves Non-Profit Organizations, Governmental Organizations and academic institutions.

Royal prides itself on its exceptional customer service model and provides competitive IT business solutions to members.

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