Microsoft  Open Licensing Pricing & Product Family

Our Microsoft Volume Licensing Suite can be broken down into four main product segments; each specifically designed to address the needs of the following business entities:

Microsoft Open Licensing Can Save Your Company Money:

Never pay for duplicate licenses again. This is our most popular Microsoft licensing option for growing businesses looking to purchase bulk software at a discounted rates, and have five or more employees. Microsoft Open Licensing is a flexible program for small to medium business; plus government, academic, and charitable organizations. This program allows you to manage, track your licenses, users and devices across the enterprise, eliminating risk of Audit and more.

After your first order from Royal, you can purchase additional licenses within the licensing program; there is no minimum quantity as long as the purchase is made within two years.

You can mix and match any open license product or service to meet the minimum requirement; easily add licenses at any time.

What Are the Advantages to Microsoft Open Licensing?

Many businesses buy multiple licenses to access their data at home, on the go, and in the office.

This offering is the simplest way to purchase software. You pay once and you own the license.

There are no contracts or obligations and it is a perpetual license.

The open license program is easy to manage and very simple to use. Lets say you have 65 computers and you are looking to purchase Microsoft Project for each of these terminals. With the Open License Program you don’t have to manage 65 different product keys; nor do you have to install the software on all 65 different machines. Microsoft open business simplifies this for your IT department. You are issued one license; all 65 copies will use the same product key and you are able to manage these licenses on Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center website, also known as VLSC.

Business owners are able to log in and manage all of the licenses for all the various products your business uses. Licensing keys are quickly and easily accessible. This feature makes it easy to track all product licenses; eliminating the need to manage physical licenses, product keys or boxes.

All open license products are also cross compatible – downgrade rights ensure compatibility across multiple versions. For example if you have purchased the latest Windows Server 2012 but your systems aren’t quite there yet, you can still use Windows 2008. Once you are ready you just log into VLSC and upgrade to Version 2012.



Perpetual License


No Contracts or Obligations


Easy to Manage


ONE Key for all Product Licenses


Access to Microsoft VLSC


Downgrade Rights

Currently, there are two ways to buy through the Open License Program. The first option is to purchase the software by individually. The second option would be to buy the software with a two year term, and allow Software Assurance (SA) to handle the rest. SA will protect your software for the next two years and provides free updates and upgrades to the latest releases of your software. Software Assurance also comes with additional technical support, training for your employees and home user rights for use of Office products outside of the corporate environment.


Software Assurance


Free Version Upgrades


Technical Support


Home Use Rights

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