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The opportunities which now exist with cloud-based IT infrastructure offer a myriad of business opportunities where companies can leverage their budgets and gain much higher productivity like never before. Virtual Machines and Remote Desktops bring the future into the moment where collaboration with remote access and on-premise workers can promote far more business progress than even just a decade ago. All devices can now be used to access an organization’s technological resources from almost anywhere via an Internet connection.

Azure Cloud Services

With the maturity of virtual environments over cloud-based systems like Azure, now is the time to take advantage of all that Microsoft’s products have to offer. Cloud-based computing is here to stay, operates with high available efficiency and provides top security as well as business continuity. When developing your virtual environment, whether on-premises, through Azure, or a combination of the two, Royal Discount can provide all the services you need, including streamlined traditional business practices when IT infrastructure models include Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Remote desktop and virtual machines have now become a common standard, requiring management of licensed Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Royal Discount can assist with all your licensing needs, including those for Remote Desktop Services as well as implementation and deployment of your remote desktop infrastructure servers.

RDS requires specific licensing within 120 days of deployment, so let us help you obtain and apply your licences. The process requires both purchasing the requisite number of licenses to meet your corporate needs as well as installing a RDS license server, then activating the server and licenses properly. The choice of licensing is yours between two modes, per user or per device. We are here to assist with strategic choices so you can get the most out of your implementation.

Additionally, RDS requires a number of different kinds of servers to be installed aside from a licensing server. These can be either physical or VM servers, or even a combination of both, but it does require some planning. Royal Discounts is here to provide all the assistance necessary to determine what kind of servers are needed and help you plan and deploy a your RDS platform.

With the current wave of business virtualization in computing, RDS has become the platform of choice when companies build-out their virtualization environments. Making the proper choices for delivering virtualized applications and Remote Desktop deployment can make all the difference between success or less. Both Windows Server 2016 as on-premises deployment and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services offer a robust set of partner solutions which are highly complementary of each other, cost-efficient, secure, redundant and scalable.

Important applications like SQL and others can easily be trusted to new cloud instances and RDS, when properly installed and licensed, is the bridge between your employees and profitability. RDS provides two main architecture types:

  • Basic deployment is available and contains a minimum number of servers which can be built in a matter of minutes over cloud services, thereafter providing a fully effective RDS environment.
  • High availability (HA) deployment provides the highest guarantees of uptime for the most critical, high-speed components to keep an RDS environment always available.


These common RDS architectures are based upon the already existent Active Directory (AD) which is already deployed on a Windows server domain whether on physical servers or remote VM’s located in Azure. Even customers without an AD environment deployed can make use of Azure AD Domain Services and create a fully managed domain which is secured and always available. The RDS architecture can easily be linked into any AD implementation and Azure AD Domain Services can also be applied in a basic deployment or as HA.

Many organizations will find that the RD Web/Gateway servers which face the Internet as an entry point for the RDS system will be an extremely beneficial architecture. Meanwhile, other organizations may prefer an internal RDS architecture, providing external access only through reverse proxy technologies. Either scenario is viable and possible with the proper planning and execution.

With the RemoteDdesktop Session Host (RD Session Host), your users can access apps from desktops running on anything from Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android. Web client connections over supported browsers are also available and apps offered to a variety of devices can be organized according to RD Session Hosts into collections. These collections can be further organized into specific groups so only departments meant to use them will have the access.

Even small deployments are possible and Royal Discounts can help with these important architecture choices. Applications can even be directly installed onto RD Session Hosts where cost and size of the infrastructure are a concern.

Collections on RD Session Hosts can be expanded by adding more of these host servers especially as VM’s, creating a collection farm for use with broader availability sets. Higher collection availability provides easily scalable RDS environments with support for a growing number of users and even resource-heavy applications.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Deployment


Here are some further benefits many organizations experience when shifting to Remote Desktops and VM’s over RDS:

  • With complete cloud implementations hardware upgrades are eliminated, while hybrid implementations reduce upgrade needs over time. A full cloud implementation provides the newest features and software available, especially when deploying applications over RDS.
  • With heavy or fully managed cloud instances, uptime for services is over 99% guaranteed with Azure’s top security measures in both the cloud and at physical locations.
  • Trusted support is always available to satisfy client needs, with experience and tools which provide seamless scalability and performance to growing businesses of any size.

Royal Discount is available for consultation, licensing, implementation and support servicces of your growing computing needs including those for virtual environments, especially when providing your apps to your company or the world using Remote Desktop Services.


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