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SQL in Azure excels with the presentation of Microsoft’s industry-leading database product. New features from the latest versions of SQL Database Server are available in the Azure product with greater results than single-server implementations with all the advantages Azure offers. This newest offering is a complete intelligent relational cloud database as a service. Fully managed on the Azure cloud platform, SQL builds upon local server implementations with the most comprehensive SQL server engine compatibility where migrations from the server version cover everything you need without changing any applications. Development and maintenance are now far easier, keeping your database environment productive with SQL tools and built-in intelligence which both improve performance, reliability and data protection with adaptive measures working for your databases.


SQL in Azure is fully managed and provides 99.99% availability with the newest stable version of the SQL Server Database Engine with a patched OS, all so the PaaS database is always available.

Available price and performance tiers allow for tailoring plans according to need spanning from high-powered databases to affordable $5/month. All service level needs are provided at affordable costs.

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Databases used in SQL in Azure can be scaled up, out or sharded for improved application performance. Cost efficiency is further enhanced with scalability to forecast budgets. Increases in demand are never a problem since databases can be assigned more resources through telemetry from efficient monitors and reports. Never be caught flat-footed when growth comes your way either in the number of devices or customers to be serviced by your database apps.

SQL in Azure delivers improved throughput and latency on transactional processing that is simply faster than ever before with up to 30 times workload capacity over traditional table and database engines and up to 100 times faster querying and reporting over older row-oriented storage. All of the latest in SQL development and performance is built upon in-memory OLTP, an unparalleled leap for SQL databases.

Predictable performance for single databases keeps your applications and microservices functioning while hosted on logical servers.

Managed Instances as simple as possible, providing the broadest available SQL Server engine compatibility with VNET supported. Your migration can be completed without changing apps to gain the fullest business benefits with SQL in Azure managed service, the finest option available for migrating databases from on-premises and VM’s.

With cost-effective scaling solutions like elastic pools, SQL databases are far more manageable for databases with high variation in demand. Minimum and maximum performance counters ensure no single instance takes over resources. Elastic pools automatically adjust changes in workloads based on intelligent optimization from performance tuning. Pools perform in balance around learned cycles of usage for best operation combined with cost efficiency.

Business Consistency Features included with Azure SQL Database service offer incredible SLA-based support system, keeping all resources up at all times. Available across a wide range of datacenters, the service is patched, secured and backed up without fail. Business continuity is ensured with automatic backups, point-in-time restores, active geo-replication, and failover groups.

Automatic backups are performed in full, differential and transaction logs while allowing for point-in-time restores over the retention of the automatic backup.

Meanwhile, active geo-replication allows for up to four active replications either at the same site or in a wide range of datacenter locations. High performances and load balancing are achieved with the use of failover groups which can take advantage of geo-replication.

Microsoft ensures high availability by providing three hot replicas with built-in automatic failover which guarantees a 99.99% availability SLA – the best in business continuity available.

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Advanced security adds additional layers of protection including audit logs, data encryption (both at rest and in motion), data-masking to non-privileged users, row-level security and compliance certification. Security for SQL in Azure also provides high levels of authentication with Active Directory integration. Keys can even be stored within Azure for ease of access.

Additional adaptive threat detection is available with SQL in Azure presenting a new layer of security that identifies any harmful intrusion attempts. Suspicious activity is always flagged and recommendations offered to mitigate breach attempts within the database. Monitors operate without fail, detecting any suspicious activity with instant alerts for the fastest intervention.

Physical and operational security is constantly maintained, meeting the all regulatory compliance requirements, such as ISO/IEC 27001/27002, Fed RAMP/FISMA, SOC, HIPPA, and PCI DSS.

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Azure SQL Database service provides built-in intelligence, always learning from database patterns. Available telemetry information informs business management of adaptation options of database resources for constant performance tuning.

Automatic performance tuning is now the new staple of database management. Tools and monitors always adjust for changes, alerting administrators of points of attention. Development resources are maximized while management of SQL resources are highly automated.

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Develop apps with confidence, all on a seamless platform of outstanding performance on DevOps where functional resources mesh your databases with all the available tools of Microsoft’s Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

Other languages and OS’s are available with all the performance and efficiency such as Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and .NET on the MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Stay on the development cutting-edge like never before.

Software as a service (SaaS) app developers will find that SQL Database, especially when fully managed in Azure, will remove all compromise inherent in multitenant app development and deployment. Serving many customers with the power of Microsoft’s Azure in SQL eliminates tradeoffs which your customers often experience with proven performance, security and cost-effective options. Keep developing with confidence, knowing SQL in Azure can manage thousands of databases the heuristics of elastic pools and scalability.

SQL in Azure makes perfect sense for next-generation database development and management, providing all the necessary tools and performance for the most business benefits including security and development for the latest in app deployment.


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