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A blend of cross-generational threat techniques gives you the broadest protection against advanced threats. Available in two editions: Standard and Advanced.

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Worry-Free Security Software

Block ransomware and targeted attacks with hosted endpoint security for all your devices

Cloud Based Management Console
Empowers administrators to manage, configure, and monitor the security on all your connected machines from anywhere in the world.

Control Web Usage
With URL Filtering, administrators can ensure only work-related sites are visited by users. This works even when the user is on the road.

Cloud Advantage = Superior Protection with Faster Response
Enable Web Reputation and SmartScan to get the highest levels of protection on existing and new threats – powered by Smart Protection Network™, the leading, cloud-based security solution.

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Our philosophy is simple. Focus on one thing and be the best. For us, that’s software. By carrying multiple brands and understanding the differences between them, we provide unbiased insights to help you find what’s right for your business.

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Royal Discount consists of certified specialists and authorized resellers. By purchasing in bulk, we’re able to pass on the discounts to our customers. It’s one of the few industries where going through a middleman will save you money.

IT Managed Services

Managed services are available through our sister company, Total Cloud IT. This is a great route for businesses who don’t want to invest in full time IT personnel or whose employees might not be that strong in security and other IT aspects.

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