Microsoft’s Move to the Cloud – Small Business Edition

The world of technology is dramatically changing, and the use of cloud-based storage systems is something that presents both businesses and network providers with a wealth of new opportunities. The use of hybrid cloud networks has enabled businesses to transform the way they store data by offering them increased accessibility, security, and data storage capacity.

Experts have estimated that this digital transformation—migrating from traditional servers to a cloud-based network—presents itself as a $4.5 Trillion (yes, trillion) market opportunity. In response to recognizing the tremendous opportunity available, Microsoft has become increasingly committed to its network and product providers. The company has created a new partner-focused program that helps accelerate the promotion of Microsoft Azure, and simultaneously focuses on developing the businesses who use their products.

Microsoft 365 Business & Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Business—which will be available for public preview August 2nd—has been applauded for its focus on making it easier than ever before for businesses to gain a competitive advantage through the use of superior information technology. The factors that distinguish Microsoft 365 Business from the ordinary addition of Microsoft 365 (unveiled in July) are 365 Business’ capacity to be used by up to 300 unique users, its security features (such as a centralized console), and its uniquely management-oriented software.

Like the highly anticipated 365 Business product, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is another option that is specifically designed to meet the security and performance needs of a large scale operation. Particularly, it has been praised for the way in which it enables large groups to work together comprehensively on a common project—something many businesses have been hoping to be developed for a long time.


Microsoft Azure Stack

As more companies hope to shift to the use of a hybrid cloud platform, Microsoft Azure Stack is another product that has attracted a considerable amount of attention from both critics and users alike. Azure Stack is a uniquely versatile hybrid cloud platform that prides itself for its ability to be easily accessed from anywhere in the world, and furthermore, its ability to adapt to the specific needs of businesses that are either in transition or rapidly expanding their use of information technology. In fact, although Amazon still maintains the largest share of the cloud networking industry, Microsoft’s ambitious rate of development has enabled it to be the fastest growing in the market this year.

In an effort to take advantage of the massive prospects presented by this $4.5 trillion market, Microsoft has created a profit-sharing network in which—contrary to the tradition of using single-lined contracts—both the company’s intermediary partners and Azure users can mutually benefit from each other’s well-being. By allowing its partners to earn up to 10% of the ultimate profit from the distribution and installation of Azure, the world will be more quickly motivated and able to find workable cloud-based networks, and the individuals making this possible will be justly compensated for their role in this transformation.

A Newfound Appreciation for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft is a company who has boldly claimed its mission to empower everyone to achieve more. As the company has continued to expand its global presence, it has consistently praised the ability of its partners to bring such a wide-reaching mission to life. In fact, as of 2017, Microsoft partners employ over 17 million people worldwide, and the company is expecting that its new profit-sharing system will enable them to earn upwards of a trillion dollars themselves. The company is one who stands by what it believes to be the most important: its high-quality products, its extensive distribution network, and the effectively well-being of those who use its products.

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