Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Overview

If you’re having trouble sharing documents quickly and easily, you may want to check out Sharepoint Online. Combining the best of Office 365’s Active Directory Domain Services, Sharepoint online allows teams to quickly and securely share documents. Document control and retention is easier than ever before, and with a slew of new features, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the cloud version.

New Features

Microsoft SharePoint is a set of collaboration and document sharing tools. The software has tons of amazing features such as sync to Outlook, Facebook-style status posts as well as shared timeline and calendar. Microsoft SharePoint’s core is comprised of sites for shared team and personal use as well as document libraries. Uploading a document has never been easier, as dragging and dropping a document onto any page in a web browser is all you need to do. You can even follow a document the same way you do on Facebook.

Powerful Search Technology

Microsoft SharePoint’s powerful search technology delivers the rich results and ease of use you’ve been looking for. This feature will allow you to see tons of suggestions based on your past behavior. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to share documents with up to 10,000 people who don’t even need to have this app installed. Type in an email or name in the Sharing option, and then pick whether they can edit or view; you can even copy any URL to be used in a blog post or sent in an email. Click on a shared document’s icon to know who you’re just sharing it with.

Easy to Customize

A Microsoft SharePoint website is very easy to customize. You can add a wide range of apps including document libraries, calendar and tasks. Adding your company’s logo is very easy too, and you can also change a page’s theme in no time. If you don’t want multiple users to edit or view a document at the same time, you just have to check it out and in. You will be able to set up alerts, create new documents and many other things from the same interface.

Plans & Pricing

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